• SumoMe

The small town of Drexel, North Carolina is the home to a most unusual barbershop. Not only is the shop a staple in the community, it is the epicenter of all great bluegrass musicians in the area. On Saturdays, the shop hosts an informal meeting among men to talk, swap jokes, solve the worlds problems, and play some music. Many come to listen to the free show, and others bring whatever they have to contribute to the jamboree.

But this isn’t only a story about music. What is so great about this movie is how Lawrence “doesn’t know how to retire.” He just keeps showing up to work every day, doing what he loves the most in life. Despite his elder age, he is still excited about life and music and getting to enjoy his community. Dave, the taller man, explains why he’s happy in life and how his occupation as a barber is so unique with such spunk that he seems much like the same person I imagine he was when he started working as a barber.

This short documentary speaks for itself, and it doesn’t need me to add any further commentary. Watch the film and ask yourself whether you can look back on your life like these men and have the same level of satisfaction with the level of your happiness in life. What details will you remember in 40, 50 years?