• SumoMe

American Crew's forming cream: great for everyday use.

I use American Crew’s forming cream every day. Not only is it great for both short and medium length hair, it lasts all day without getting crusty and leaving those stupid white flakes all over your hair like some of the cheap products.

The consistency is a creamy paste, sort of like Elmer’s glue but not as sticky. It spreads easily and blends in with hair–something important for us dark haired folks.

I also like how it doesn’t stiffen your hair. Yes, it will happen if you use too much, but that’s true of any hair product. If the wind blows and your hair moves with the wind, you have successfully used hair product.

If you are this guy and you can ride a motorcycle at 150 mph on the highway without your hair moving, you’ve failed at using hair product, my dude.

If you’re looking for a great product to use every day and achieve whatever hair style you want, I’d recommend this product to anyone. There’s enough in the jar to last you 3 months, and the price is relatively reasonable compared to what else is out there that will leave your hair sticky or crunchy.