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The Motley presents the first video in a series about great men who are pioneering entrepreneurs in their area of work. Taylor Pemberton is the creator of Wantful which is an extremely unique way of finding presents that someone in your life might enjoy. By selecting strange parameters such as a sliding scale between “lives to eat” and “eats to live,” Wantful performs its magic to give tons of unique selections for gifts that you have probably never seen before. Give it a try–I used it to find presents for some family members and it was surprisingly accurate. He also has an upcoming project called Cavalier, and I’m not totally sure what that consists of because it’s not released yet. However, I’m sure it will be way cool if Taylor’s success with Wantful is any measure.

This video is very interesting to me for a number of reasons. The first shot zooms in on a book, “The Warren Buffet Way,” then shows Taylor passionately working away. This immediately brings up the idea of the modern entrepreneur working on a computer paired with the classic entrepreneurial values established with Warren Buffet’s old school manner of doing business. He says:

Authenticity is huge. Being able to make something that, you know, not only lasts decades but you can pass on, and it’s something that really adds value to your life, I think that’s amazing.

This hits at the heart of all creation. Creating something that adds value to your life is the essence of, I’d argue, all creation. Without some sort of internal drive to create–whether it’s wallets, a website, a painting, a story, a sculpture, whatever–the amount of creation would significantly drop. Sure, economic drives are always present, but this can only go so far. Very rarely will someone’s creations in any form have monetary value. The value, at first, comes from the ability to add value to your life–rather than have value added to your work. Money is a byproduct of passion, and anyone who seeks money over passion is fool-hearty and sure to fail.

Where does your passion lie?