• SumoMe

This 2009 film was created in 100 hours for a film competition, which it wound up winning. From the moment the work starts, it seems to haunt the viewer. The opening shot is excellent–a truck driving in a remote area, perhaps away from someone/something, or perhaps towards something else. The narration of the note, the only real monologue in the entire film, leaves the viewer both wondering what’s next, as well as wondering what happened before this clip of film.

What I make of this film is that no matter how hard we try to leave our relationships in the past, they are always a part of our present state, and find a way of floating back into mind, even when we try to escape. Whether this is a benefit or a detriment is really up to you.

I don’t want to read too much into it and project my ideas onto the film, so watch it for yourself. It is worth your couple minutes.