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Depending on where you live, sometimes a sweater just won’t keep you warm enough in the fall. It’s always good to have something between a light sweater and a heavy winter coat for those in-between days. I’ve seen a lot of great light jackets this year, and some of my favorites are below.

Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Baseball Jacket: $98
This is a great casual substitute for the ubiquitous hoodie sweater. This jacket is simple and functional, and is a good way to set yourself apart from the over-sized cloth sweatshirts.

What I like best about this jacket is the higher arm holes which will add comfort and flexibility. The collar is low, so if you live somewhere windy you might want to use a scarf with this or just brave it. At least your hands have some warming pockets you can stick them in if the weather gets too out of control. I like this jacket overall, but $98 seems a bit steep for it, so I’d wait until it goes on sale before pulling the trigger on this one.




Cremieux Jeffrey Wool Peacoat: $395
Yes, this is extremely expensive for a jacket. However, this is an extremely classic style, and there are plenty of cheaper versions out there. However, I chose this jacket because it has everything I like in a peacoat.

First of all, I’m a big fan of the double-breasted front. The two rows of buttons is a great look, and will likely remain a staple in menswear for many years to come. Secondly, the cuffs are great; the buckles add a unique aspect of the jacket and paired with the two rows of buttons creates a really neat jacket. Third, the large lapels will make the wearer’s shoulders appear broader and more powerful, which gives the jacket a neat appeal. I have a jacket very similar to this one, but it also has the hand warming pockets that the baseball jacket has, and that is the only feature missing on this jacket that I wish it had. Every man should own a short peacoat for the colder fall days, and this is a great example of the type of jacket that is usable for years to come. Also see this in herringbone.

Men’s Wool Herringbone Sportcoat: $240
Speaking of herringbone, I’m a big fan of this more modern peacoat as well. The smaller lapels, two buttons, and sportcoat cuffs make for a more streamlined cut than the black peacoat above.

Additionally, this color would look great with dark denim, as well as pretty much anything underneath. This quality is great for building a wardrobe because it will mix and match with almost anything, which enables you to create multiple outfits with a minimal amount of clothing.

What I like most about this jacket is the breast pocket, which adds an unusual feature to this interesting coat. The price is pretty normal for a jacket of this quality, but those on a budget might want to take a look at the next pick.


Land’s End Men’s Denim Jacket: $25
Check the price on this one! As with most items from Land’s End Canvas, this is an incredible deal. Currently on sale from $70, this is about the best jacket you can find for $25. If you aren’t a denim jacket guy, you can check out this same style in corduroy for the same price.

There’s nothing fancy about this jacket–just a simple workhorse piece that you can keep around for a decade. This ultra-casual jacket is great for working outside or even for a night out when paired with some corduroy pants (but please don’t double up on the corduroy jacket and pants at the same time). Additionally, as with denim pants, this jacket matches pretty much anything.

Considering all factors, this is perhaps my favorite pick of the bunch (largely influenced by its super cheap price). In fact, I might order one myself and report back with a more detailed review of the jacket and how well (or not) it fits. As usual, bravo Land’s End Canvas… bravo.

Have you found another jacket for this fall that you enjoy? Have you purchased any of these picks? Share your views in the comments below.