• SumoMe


Now, usually I don’t give a lot of credence to pop culture’s definitions of what it means to be a gentleman. However, when a show comes on called “How to be a Gentleman” I sort of need to watch that. Regretfully, I followed through… almost. I made it to about 20 minutes in, and I had to stop.

The show’s title apparently leads one to believe it will talk about gentlemanly qualities. However, “How to be a Dweeb” is a more fitting title.

The “gentleman” in the show is a whiny, naive, out-of-touch, weak, passive guy who reunites with a High School bully turned personal trainer. CBS’s interpretation of a modern gentleman is so stilted and condescending that I couldn’t finish the episode. The show seems to equate gentility with weakness, which is not further from the truth.

Living as a gentleman is not a person’s quality, but a person’s modus operandi. It is the path, not the destination.

Additionally, the show missed the mark on modern manliness in general, portraying their “manly” character as a sophomoric blundering buffoon, motivated only by women and narcissism.

That said, I do understand the comedic point (and value) of antithetical characters and their interaction. Additionally, I don’t think the show put the modern gentleman movement back any steps because I don’t think it has that power. However, in this show I hoped for something at least entertaining and not as cringe-worthy. The show’s premise has potential–ditch the wimpy gentleman, send the manly dude to college, and then give me a call.