• SumoMe

New York-based Best Made Company makes a plethora of fine wares.

Recently I stumbled across a website for Best Made Company, and it blew my mind. This company is seriously manly, and seriously cool.

Their bread and butter is the construction of finely-crafted axes that come finished in a variety of handle colors with words like “courage,” or “compassion” etched right on the end. While the axes are a bit pricey, they look like axes that would get passed down for at least 5 generations.

But that’s not all Best Made Company makes. Are you out of whiskey tumblers made out of a horn? They’ve got you covered. Need a sweet cloth extension cord? Got those too. Dying for a semaphore bandana? You know they have one.

Basically, Best Made Company provides anything that a man about to go roughing it in the wilderness could want–and more. I strongly advocate American-made products that are made to last, and this website is a veritable gold mine. Head over and take a look.