• SumoMe

Knowing how to wear a suit serves little purpose unless one knows when to wear it. Technically, one could wear a suit at any time. However, this method is admittedly cumbersome, uncomfortable, and sometimes ostracizing. True, a gentleman should dress for success at all times, but sometimes it’s best to let loose and go the comfort route–but not too comfortable. At least put on some underwear, people. Below is an extremely crude flow chart to serve as a starting point for discussion.

While the chart is mostly facetious, the underpinnings are fairly solid. Always wear a suit for job interviews (as well as appearances in court, or if your job requires it). Wear a the jacket to a suit on a first date–you want to look nice, but don’t want to over-dress your date (it will make your date feel uncomfortable). Further, never wear a suit if you are just sitting around shooting the breeze–there’s really no reason to do so, and the whole point of friends is to be able to engage in informal situations with them without having to impress anyone (like a boss or date). True, there are other situations one might encounter that this flow chart does not address. You’re going to have to make a judgment call on those, or apply the principles from this chart to your unknown situation.

Ok, so you have to wear a suit, or you have to wear a suit jacket. That’s all well and good, but how do you know which one? Until next time, class… we’ve reached the end of the hour.