• SumoMe

Suits 101 is a basic course in how to properly wear a suit. Too many 21st century men are still wearing suits in a manner that makes them look like a child walking around in daddy’s suit.

The main theme of Suits 101 is simple: fit.

The suit’s fabric color or pattern, while important, is not nearly important as how the suit fits. If you follow the advice of this column I can guarantee that you will look and feel like James Bond.

Additionally, suits 101 will focus on achieving these goals on a modest budget. There is no need to spend a boat load to have a well-fitting suit. Once someone knows what to look for and how to make a suit work, the quality of fabric should be the only variable in the price because there is no reason to buy a suit that doesn’t fit properly (or can’t after some tailoring). An expensive suit is not necessarily a better suit.

So sit up straight, sharpen your pencils, and join me in a hearty “Oh Captain, my Captain!” because class is in session…