• SumoMe

Ikea makes the best $8 tables that $8 can buy. Additionally, they can offer some really neat lighting and home necessity options for really cheap. However, it appears that I’m in the minority of men who are willing to state that. In fact, one Ikea store in Australia recently created Mänland–a daycare for males who would rather eat hot dogs and play video games than walk the aisles of an Ikea store. When a woman comes with her husband/boyfriend, she can drop him off at Mänland and pick him up after half an hour, full of sugar and too riled up for his afternoon nap. Changing his diaper is going to be hard after that…

Come on, Ikea. Don’t you think its a little odd to encourage your male customers to play video games instead of shopping? Presuming that many of these men live with the women who are dropping them off at preschool, it seems a little odd that when you have a couple shopping for home necessities/decor you wouldn’t want two minds and twice the buying influence.

Come on, men. First of all, if you don’t want to go shopping with your wife or girlfriend, I have an amazing idea: Don’t go. I know, that’s groundbreaking, right? Nobody is forcing you to go to Ikea, and if your lady doesn’t want you to go because you are a distraction to her spending an hour picking out bed sheets, then just stay home. Watch tv, eat hot dogs, and play video games in your own home (and for more than 30 minutes). Or, you can clean the house, go for a run, read a book, paint a picture, or fly a kite. You can do more non-Ikea activities if you just stay home than if you go to Mänland. “I don’t want to go to Ikea, so I will go to Ikea to not have be in Ikea.” Brilliant logic–I can see why you need a day care.

Come on, ladies. If you are shopping for things for a home, and you don’t want your husband around to give his opinion, you are just going to hear about how much he hates it once you get home. Then, you have to either go back and exchange the item or fight about whether it stays. Make shopping a collaborate effort and save yourself the trouble.

Mänland doesn’t improve anyone’s situation, except it gets some interesting advertising (like this article) for Ikea. Grow up, men, and learn that sometimes you have to go to Ikea if you want to watch an entire baseball game during prime-time TV. You’re part of a partnership, not part of an allegiance for hot dogs and video games.