• SumoMe

Fall is here, and we all know what that means: sweater weather.  Featured below are some of the best sweaters of the season. First, to kick things off, let’s start with the classic.

J. Crew Cashmere V-neck sweater in jetty stripe: $225
This sweater has a timeless cut, and a simple no-nonsense pattern.  This wears well with khakis, light denim, and perhaps dark denim as well.  This sweater is also great with a simple undershirt, or for more dressy occasions, wear a collared shirt under there for an extra pop of color.

The Good:
– The v-neck cut and simple lines match pretty much anything

– The colors are versatile for mixing and matching

– Looks great in either a casual or more formal setting

The Bad:
– As usual with J. Crew: the price. Ouch.

– The sides are a little boxy and square, but it could be worse.


Urban Outfitters Charles And 1/2 Nubby V-Neck Sweater: $39
This sweater is very similar in cut and shape to the J. Crew sweater, but the color is unique, and worth clicking on the photo for a closer look.  The little specs of white and brown give this sweater an interesting look to it.  This sweater, also like the first, can match a wide range of undershirts.  The one-tone neutral color gives it the advantage of a more universal wardrobe appeal than a two-tone sweater.

The Good:
– The price: super affordable and a basic sweater sure to see lots of use throughout the year.

– The neutral color can match pretty much anything.

– A good basic sweater to serve as a base in a wardrobe.

The Bad:
– I haven’t tried it on, but it might be a little itchy.

– The specs of color might turn some people away.

Lands End Canvas Men’s Button-neck Cable Sweater: $79.50
A henley and a cardigan had a baby, and gave birth to this.  This sweater also comes in a lighter version, which is also a viable option.  I tend to like the button-neck and small collar for the cold and windy days. 

The Good:
– The buttons add a neat twist.

– The collar adds some extra warmth.

– The price is sort of expensive, but Land End Canvas is known for its quality, and this sweater will become a wardrobe staple.

The Bad:
– The pattern on the sweater might be a deal breaker to some.

– The shoulders look a little stilted and awkward, and might not fit as well on broad-shouldered men.