• SumoMe

One of the greatest things about purchasing clothing is seeing a “Made in USA” tag. While America might not produce the highest quality fabrics or materials domestically, I get a sense of pride when I know that something I bought was made in the country where I live.

This satisfaction is largely waning, and to be honest I’ve become numb to the effects of globalization. While I recognize that the clothing some people create in other parts of the world is a conduit to sustaining the life of their family members, I do enjoy an old fashioned, one of a kind piece of clothing manufactured by people like those featured in this video.

There is something particularly manly about a person who can make a shoe. Shoemakers, cobblers, and cordwainers go so far back in history that I will assert (without authority) that they are a part of the longest-running profession in the history of humans. Having this amount of history and tradition in your profession must really inspire these men as they go in to work, knowing they are using the same tools and working with the same materials (and making largely the same product) as men who came hundreds of years before them. That is cool.

The video speaks for itself, and I’ve probably only distracted away from its importance. Enjoy.

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