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Wheelman & Co Coaster

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times on here before–choose leather. For pretty much all situations, leather is your best friend, and something that will never go out of style or end up breaking after a few years. Leather only gets better with age, a quality which our modern upgrade-your-phone-every-6-months world is often lacking. Wheelmen & Co. is an awesome online general store of sorts, selling everything from belts to coasters. I gave these coasters a test drive, and the short story: no wood was harmed in the making of this review. Phew… that’s a relief.

The Wheelmen & Co. leather coasters are 100% leather, and they’re imprinted with the hat and mustache logo of the company. While I’m generally not too keen on products which are branded so blatantly, luckily the logo is general enough to come across as just a regular coaster with a fun imprint. I don’t think the Nike swoosh would go over as well–y’know?


The leather is coated so they wipe off easily, and stand to last decades. They’re also made in the USA–which is always a plus. They run $39 for four coasters, which isn’t unreasonable, given their timeless leathery goodness. I’ve also seen nice coasters go for much higher (go figure) which is also reassuring. At their price point, they make a pretty good gift for groomsmen, your bro, or pops. They also have a nice leather smell to them right out of the box, which never hurts a man’s area.

These coasters rule, and I can’t wait to pass them down to my grandkids one day. I’m certain these things will outlive me.

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