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Your brain might be telling you that your big warm tracksuit pants, a beanie and your doona are the correct attire for a freezing winter night, but just because you’re trying to avoid hypothermia doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Do a little bit of research and check out this handy guide to top evening wear options to guarantee yourself a very stylish winter. You don’t want to be looking like the abominable snowman when you’re out on the town – big foot never had a lot of luck getting girl’s numbers.


A subtle sweater that matches the colour of your jacket can really add to the style of an outfit. This is also a great way to add personality to your overall look by finding some colours that really bring out the inner you. And the best part is that you will feel as warm as a cinnamon bun without looking like a loon in a plastic tracksuit.


This is the part of your outfit that really brings it all together, with the added bonus of helping you avoid frostbite. Get a nice big overcoat to shelter yourself from the storm and keep yourself rugged up in the colder months. Consider this the exclamation mark on any outfit; it might be the first thing you take off as you enter a venue but it will be the last thing people notice you’re wearing as you leave.


Scarfs are not out, they’re in! Protect your neck with a gorgeous style that matches the rest of your look. A scarf can really add a bold element of colour to a winter outfit that will make your own personal style stand out from the rest of the crowd. There a range of scarf options available which means there’s never been a better time to ensure your tonsils are warm!


This might not be the best time to be wearing your classic baseball cap, but thankfully there’s a range of other, alternate options. Find a beanie that matches the colour of your sweater and pair it with your gloves and overcoat to match your overall look. You’ll look as though you’re jumping out for a cappuccino in the middle of Manhattan.


Look at your style as an onion. Or something more delicious and better looking, like a sexy lasagne. It’s important for it to have layers for you to protect yourself from the winter chill and get your own personal style out there. A little bit of time and care coordinating your outfit and getting a style you know works can make a huge difference, and will have you turning heads for all the right reasons. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to properly layer, head to sites like Politix to get an idea of how to structure a winter outfit.

What do you think of the list? Can you think of any other stylish evening wear options? Leave any comments, question and suggestions below.