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Mission Belt Co

Belts with holes are so 2013. While I’m by no means a fashion bellweather, Mission Belt Co. is pretty dang cool. Long story short, some folks got together and wanted to remake the idea of the belt. Their idea was to make a no-holed belt that uses a ratchet system, rather than a pin-in-the-hole system. The result was a super clean, modern, and minimalist best design.

The belts are real leather and come with a “no crack” guarantee–both as it applies to the leather and your butt. While I haven’t tested this guarantee for more than a few months, and I have no idea what happens if the belt cracks (do you get a new one?), it’s worth noting, I suppose. There are all colors, styles, and designs of these belts, but they all have the same simple buckle and no-hole design.

Mission Belt Co.

While the inside of the belt looks way too complicated, it’s actually pretty easy. There’s a lever on the bottom to release the belt, and to put it on, just slip it into the hole and pull. What’s interesting about these belts is that if the belt is too long, Mission tells you to cut the belt. Literally–the directions come in the box. Womp womp…that’s lame. The belts run $35-40, and while this isn’t outrageous for a belt, it’s certainly too much for me to be cutting my own belt to size.  Regardless, I figured that I would give it a go just to see what happens when you cut the belt. It cuts cleanly, but…it looks like you cut your belt to size, haha.  It’s kind of awkward.

I didn’t take any model shots of this belt because…it’s a belt, dudes. I think the design on these is great, I love the minimalism and the unique nature of these belts, but I’m not down with cutting my own belt to size with scissors.

If you want to give these belts a shot, use promo code “MBCO4LIFE” and get 10% off your total order–no limit, no expiration date, no nonsense.  There’s no reason to not use it.

Have you ever used a belt from Mission Belt Co. before? Did you have to cut it? What did you think?