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Bruce Lee GiveawayNot too long ago, I reviewed the entire Old Spice haircare line–some of which isn’t even released yet. Well, since that’s not really fair to those folks who might live in areas where they might not have access to the most recently-released shampoo, we decided to do a giveaway with Old Spice to help spread the word.

We’re giving away 5 bottles of Kickstart shampoo and the Bruce Lee Legacy Collection set which includes 4 Blu-Ray discs and 7 DVDs. This set features The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way Of The Dragon and Game Of Death, as well as some bonus footage and a documentary about Bruce Lee. What?!

Yeah, that’s pretty awesome, right? Just fill out the form below with all the information. You have until April 13th to enter, so that gives you a full week. One entry per person–don’t be “that guy” who sends in 100 emails. Anyone sending in multiple entries will have all of their entries deleted. So what are you waiting for?

Sorry, this contest is over! Congratulations to the winner, Michael S.