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So burning candles in your home is a nice touch, but the hard part is sorting through the riff raff and finding candles that keep your man cave sacred ground. The market of candles for men is pretty untapped at the moment, but there are a few good options out there. Below are a few of my favorites that I’ve had personal experience with.

Izola Sandalwood Candle

Izola Sandalwood

The Izola Sandalwood candle is no joke the best of show. Not only is the glass an appealing amber-green color, but the smell is just fantastic. These candles are made in America, using recycled glass and look great around wood and natural settings. I’ve only found one woman who has liked the scent of this candle so far (out of about 8), but guys love it, making it the best of show man candle.

This candle is really earthy and subtle, and it smells like dirt, wood, and plants. I love seeing a tiny flame burning inside this old glass jar, and it’s a good smell to relax with. When this candle is all burned up (it has around 40 hours of burn time) I will probably plant something in the jar (some sort of cacti?) because I love it so much. If you don’t know about these Izola candles you probably should. You can also find them in J.Crew men’s shops, if you’d like to test them out in person.

Archipelago Leather Candle

Archipelago Leather Candle

When in doubt, choose leather, right? This candle from Archipelago smells like “leather and well used work benches” according to its maker, and I agree. If you want your room to smell like worn leather and aged wood, then this is the candle for you. It’s also a great touch of black with a very modern jar design that should look good almost anywhere. This candle has a longer burn time than the Izola candle, to the tune of an extra 15 hours, and it also runs about $5 cheaper.

Archipelago Cognac Candle

Archipelago Cognac Candle

Cognac, wood, and amber make up the three main scents of the Archipelago Cognac Candle. This gold glass jar is great for minimalists out there who are looking for a no-nonsense candle that doesn’t have a cartoonish label on it. This 90-hour burn time candle is the longest-lasting candle of the three, and it’s also the most versatile. This candle is great for both men and women, but I’ll consider it in this trio as a “mandle” because of its deep earthy scent. This one is the most flowery of the three, but it’s more like a spring day than anything; however, this candle works any time of year, not just spring.

No matter which candle you prefer, all three of these options are great for making your indoors smell like the outdoors. Pair any of these candles with some taxidermy, wood, or leather, and you’re going to have an amazing smelling room that guys will enjoy and the fairer sex will appreciate.

Do you use candles in your pad? Which kind(s) do you prefer? Spread some knowledge in the comments.