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Kinivo BTX450

You can’t have the holidays without holiday music, and that includes your holiday parties. When your home is packed to the brim with family and friends, you’re definitely going to want something that can discreetly fill your home without any fuss or clutter. This is where the Kinivo BTX450 comes in. At just 2.8 pounds, about a foot long, and only $50 (on sale), you can’t beat this bluetooth speaker. I’ve had a few similar speakers in the past, and each one has had some sort of shortcoming: too soft, too rumbly, poor sound quality, too big, or it required that my phone be docked in the top. The BTX450 has none of these issues, and it far any away the best option for entertaining.

I routinely use this as a speaker for my computer, and the range is incredible–I can go anywhere in my apartment and there are no issues at all. Furthermore, the sound goes everywhere in my apartment, too, even when the volume is near the lowest level. The sound quality matches it’s high-end competitors like Bose, and with such a low price point, there’s really no comparison.

I also recently reviewed the BTC450, and because I liked Kinivo’s car bluetooth setup so much, I had to try the BTX450. Now, I have wireless sound any time I come home or leave home in my car. Kinivo is by far the best.

The BTX450 has a sleek, minimal design that will surely blend in with almost any environment to discreetly fill the air with whatever tunes you’d like. I keep it under my television (as shown in the image), and whenever I open my computer it will play a couple soft beeps, letting me know it’s good to go. No fuss, no issues, and minimal setup (just push a button on the box, connect to the speaker from your bluetooth icon, and boom–you’re good to go forever). If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to fill your home with music, or if you’re buying a present for a music-loving guy (or girl), you should definitely consider the Kinivo BTC450.

For now, it’s time to get back to Nat King Cole.

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