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December 2013 Playlist

I suppose I like holiday music just as much as the next guy, but we need options–let’s be real. This December 2013 playlist will give hopefully give you some good alternatives to the standard holiday staples we’re all going to hear a million times. With that, here are some Santa-approved non-holiday holiday songs.

We start things off with SAINT MOTEL, and their track “Ace in the Hole,” which is a good party-starter and for some reason reminds me of the holidays. I think its the cadence of the lyrics, or perhaps its the fun instrumental breaks–regardless, it rules, and its the perfect thing to get things going. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is next, providing this playlist with an ambient vocal track that just sounds like snow, right? This track makes me want to drink coffee and gaze into the snow. Flume‘s track “The Greatest View” is a good mix between the first two tracks: it’s both ambient and upbeat. These powerful vocals and thumping backing track has something for everyone to love; so start wobbling along.

Foreign/National brings us back to the distorted vocals and unique backing track that we so know and love in these playlists. “Paris” is a great track from an equally-great band, and it is sure to make for some happy partygoers. Roo Panes is next with “Open Road,” a sort of folksy-bluegrass mix that works just as well with cider as ale. Sullivan & Gold has a great vocal style in “Run Faster,” and is the perfect lazy gazing track for the winter. Up next is yes, another Roo Panes song–deal with it. “Land of the Living” is a great winterish track that is the auditory representation of driving a dog sled through the forest. That’s all I can say.

U.S. Royalty is next, with “Into the Thicket,” and we keep up this trend of thoughtful vocals with acoustic backing, and it’s just an all-round awesome track. Ages and Ages is next with a message for the kids in their song, “Divisionary.” Basically it’s about doing the right thing and not being a butthead, right? That’s nice, but mostly a really catchy song, and one good enough to make the playlist. Bombay Bicycle Club is next with “Carry Me,” a really jarring song that kind of grows on you, no? There’s just something about its disjointedness that makes me love it.

Metronomy is next with “I’m Aquarius,” and this longing track is great for those winter mornings spent at home sipping coffee and tapping your foot. Am I the only one who does that? Oh, hmm… Elderbrook has the next song, “Rewinding,” which is a sort of electronic mix-track of sound samples that come together in a really delightful way behind headlining vocals. Just beautiful.

Ben Kernion kind of has a Nirvana sort of sound, no? “The Rust” is an awesome rock-ish track that slows you down to save energy for the winter months. Ok, Palehound, your song “Pet Carrot” is ridiculous, but it’s just so awesome. I was torn whether to include this song at all, but it’s just so fun and silly that I couldn’t resist. Parra for Cuva is the obligatory all-electronic chillout song that every one of these playlists seems to have. There’s just something about having a few minutes to zone out that makes these tracks so appealing–“Luhya” works with almost anything. Bringing up the caboose is The Landing with “Anxieties,” and this is certainly a good one to end on. This track embodies the playlist as a whole: good winter bleeps and blorps, warming vocals, and a perfect mix between dance and lounge. I’m a huge fan of this track, and it’s the perfect track to go out on.

What are you listening to this month? Share your December playlist with us in the comments.