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This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by the Ford Fiesta Movement to write this article, but was given creative freedom to decide the manner in which to do it. All views and opinions are my own, and I was given total control.

We’re not really into glamorizing theft, and such is not our intent. However, looking at old photos is inherently interesting, especially when you’re looking at what was once the worst of society, and yet they’re pretty dapper looking by today’s standards (even if still thieves). Some of these old mugshots that follow are good examples of timeless style points, and others are just examples of timeless rough points. Either way, these old photos and records are really interesting, and while it’s not so much about style, there is a lot to love about these historical documents.

Old Mugshot 1

Old Mugshot 2

Old Mugshot 3

Old Mugshot 4

Old Mugshot 5

Old Mugshot 6

Old Mugshot 7

Old Mugshot 8

Old Mugshot 9

What strikes me most about these photos is the eyes of these men. There’s something about the antiqued patina of these photos that makes the life in their eyes ever more present. True, there is a lot of sadness/anger there, but they were caught stealing–what do you expect? Hawker, hawker, trader, labourer–these men were down and dirty. What’s most interesting is that these hawkers all wore a tie, which was par for the course back then. When you look at mugshots in modern times, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in a tie. This isn’t to say that ties don’t equate with crime (clearly, see the photos above, and basically all of Wall Street), but just a neat observation about the popular trends in menswear. In 100 years I wonder what people will look back at this generation’s mugshots and say…

What do you think? How will the future judge modern styles of men? Channel your inner Nostradamus in the comments.