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Ford Fiesta Style

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by the Ford Fiesta Movement to write this article, but was given creative freedom to decide the manner in which to do it. All views and opinions are my own, and I was given total control.

If I said, “Style,” what would come to mind? Trends? Strange fads? Runways and models? All of that is well and good, I suppose, but wholly boring–don’t you think? September’s mission for the Ford Fiesta Movement agents is “style,” and I was inspired by a lot of the videos to write about style in a somewhat different way. Style shouldn’t entail the fads of the #NYFW #menswear #yolo bros of the streets of New York, who spend more time taking photos of themselves than actually living a life.

This month’s upcoming post is about how men are re-defining style in the modern world by looking backwards at men who are not necessarily style icons but are more life icons. Style is life, not clothing, and we’re going to highlight a few men who are the epitome of style without ever stepping foot on a runway.

For now, take a few minutes to browse the Ford Fiesta Movement agents, and think about who you would include in our list of non-style style icons.

What determines “style” to you? Clothing or personality? Something else? Put it in the comments.