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Some guys use aftershave, some guys go for balms. Both methods have their pros and cons, but all guys should one of them. Post-shave skin treatment is crucial to preventing razor burn, and it’s often my favorite part of the shave. Recently, I tested out the new Urth Post Shave Elixir, and it definitely proved itself as the king of the post-shave realm.

The Urth Post Shave Elixir is a mix between a balm and an aftershave. It squirts out the top and looks like a light balm, but it applies and feels like an aftershave–it’s hard to describe. What makes it rule so much is that it lasts for at least an hour, leaving your face feeling like you just shaved with a peppermint. It’s an amazingly fresh sensation, and will turn even a mediocre shave into a great one. There’s no burning feeling from aftershave, and no greasy feeling from balms–it’s a great happy medium that I struggle to find faults with.

This post shave treatment contains both Benzyl Alcohol and Salicylic Acid, so if you have allergic reactions to either one of those you should probably stay away, I know a lot of people who have reactions to one or both of those common ingredients. However, if you’re like me and don’t react to either one, there isn’t really anything else too controversial in the ingredients that should make you shy away.

The Urth Post Shave Elixir is one of the best finds I’ve come across in a long time, and when paired with a good shaving cream (I recommend Niven Morgan or Anthony Logistics as good pairings) it can combine for one of the best shaves of your life, and make your morning shave a lot more enjoyable. I would recommend this without reservation, and this elixir adds even more to the impressive Urth skincare line.

Have you used the Urth Post Shave Elixir or anything similar? Give your advice in the comments.