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Bakers Bourbon

Baker’s Bourbon is named after Baker Beam, the grand-nephew of legendary whiskey wizard Jim Beam. This stuff is lovingly hand-bottled and aged 7 years to perfection. What makes it so perfect? Well, that’s a Beam family secret, and as far as I know there’s some sort of secret yeast involved. I won’t ask questions.


For being 107 proof, this Bourbon is surprisingly smooth and sweet. It’s like drinking honey and caramel with lots of spice. This bourbon is fantastically full and hits all your senses perfectly. When first opened, the alcohol scent is overwhelming, but it will die down a bit with time once you open the bottle. I prefer it neat, or with a single cube of ice. Don’t water this baby down (unless that’s what you’re into), just enjoy the smooth honey taste. A bottle will run you around $45-55, and it makes a great gift–good enough to stand alone and be reserved for special times, but not so good you’re afraid to try it. Baker’s bourbon is a totally solid option for any guy out there who prefers a sweet and smooth drink.

Have you tried Baker’s Bourbon before? What did you think?