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Atlas and Mason Fight SoapOne thing that makes male grooming different from “normal” grooming (unisex grooming) is our needs and lifestyle. Men are more likely to work in construction, go camping, use sweaty gym equipment, and just generally smell worse than our fairer sex. Sure, some women engage these activities, too, but overall male grooming focuses on finding solutions to these problems. Perhaps one of the best examples of a solution to a lot of these problems is the Atlas & Mason fight soap.

This hefty bar of soap is a collaboration with Fight Soap, which claims it has antibacterial and antifungal qualities while still remaining 100% vegan. Atlas & Mason partnered with Fight Soap to develop their own scent which is a cotton/citrus/sea-buckthorn inspired smell that is one of a kind. It’s strong but subtle at the same time, a great mix of what I think is a great work of scentology–is that a thing?

First of all, I was interested in the claims that it helps fight ringworm. I looked for an ingredients list of this particular soap, but I came up empty. Some of their other soaps had ingredient lists, but nothing seemed to stand out as combative of ringworm and MRSA. Frankly, if you wash your skin well enough with pretty much any soap you’re going to be good to go on that front. I can’t confirm or deny the ringworm-fighting qualities of this soap, and I’m not about to go around seeking ringworm out just so I can test it. Sorry, I don’t love y’all that much.

Secondly, this is for all intents and purposes a sort of “designer” soap. These are made in batches of 200, and sell for $8 each. Now, I understand you can get a bar of soap for what–a quarter? However, there’s a time and a place for this particular bar of soap. While I don’t have any data to back up the ringworm-fighting abilities, it does in fact cleanse really well and smell awesome. It’s hefty enough to bring with you on a camping trip, and holds up well enough through use that you can chunk it in your rucksack without worrying about the bar getting flaky. I’ve used mine almost in its entirety, and it merely shrinks in size–no flakes.

There is something enjoyable about this soap, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. When most people hear “handmade soap” they probably think of that strange lady in the office who gives out colorful bars for Christmas every year. Thaaaanks. Not so with this stuff, folks. When you first open it up, the scent wafts into your face and hits you like a pleasant Mack truck. There are bits of charcoal mixed in the soap to get some extra scrubbing action in there, and the smell of the charcoal with the essential oils are just fantastic. Not to mention that Atlas & Mason is a real quality outfit over there, and shipped this soap sealed with a wax signet stamp.

So, if you’re looking to try something new, or if you want a unique gift idea, I think the Atlas & Mason fight soap is well worth a shot. Sometimes you just want to use something better than a 25 cent bar of soap for those days where you just need to feel and smell extra clean. Give it a try–you can thank me later.

Have you ever used the Atlas & Mason fight soap before? Give your thoughts below.