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Summer Knick-KnacksSummer is in full-swing right about now and people are hitting the pool and staying cool. Here are some of our favorite miscellaneous summer knick-knacks that we just cant get enough of this season.

Jack Black Dry Down Powder and Sun Guard

Jack Black Foot Powder and Sun Guard

Jack Black is rules the summer. If you ever plan on going sockless this summer, consider some of their dry down foot powder. A little dab of this works wonders for that friction burn you sometimes get where the side of your shoes rub against your feet. However, what makes this powder better than plain old foot powder is you can use it anywhere you might start chafing during the summer–even south of the border, if you know what I mean.

Pair that with the Jack Black sun guard and you’re going to be a king among men. This SPF 45 is awesome–no grease, all vegan, and it will last through strenuous sporting, so you can play beach volleyball or water polo without worrying about turning into a baked ham. This 1-2 combination of powder and sun protectant is sure to make any guy enjoy himself.

Warby Parker Thatcher Sunglasses

Warby Parker Thatcher

There’s a reason Warby Parker has a cult following: pure quality. My #1 rule with sunglasses is to never pay too much for them. If the amount you paid flew out of your wallet and you never saw it again, would you cry yourself to sleep? If yes: you overpaid. This is the case because sunglasses are always lost, broken, left behind, or stolen. That’s just the way my life has gone.

However, sometimes rules are made to be broken, and snagging a pair of Warby Parker Thatcher seems the appropriate time to break the sunglasses rule. Yeah, they are going to cost you a bit more than whatever you find closest to you. However, these are without a doubt the most solid sunglasses I’ve ever used in my life. The lenses are polarized (not just tinted), the frame is thick and substantial (so it won’t break), the look will match anything (unlike the popular neons all the young go-hards are sporting), and the comfort level is unrivaled. With sunglasses like these, I won’t have to worry about forgetting them because they quickly became a favorite summer staple in my wardrobe, and I never leave anywhere without them.

Kiel James Patrick “Doctor Jones” Bracelet

Kiel James Patrick Doctor Jones

Kiel James Patrick is entertaining. He also happens to make some pretty fun accessories for guys. I know, I know, when I hear the phrase “accessories for guys” I kind of die inside a little bit too. But Kiel James Patrick does it right. He uses all-American labor and influence from stuff like leather, croquet, anchors, adventures, and just plain fun. Take a look at his “Doctor Jones” woven leather bracelet and consider it an interesting touch to your summer look. It’s just interesting enough to make me consider wearing a bracelet (something I’m not in the habit of doing).

Atlas & Mason Pocket Square

Atlas and Mason Pocket Square

I know what you’re thinking: “When in the world would I need a pocket square in the summer?” I agree–it’s way too hot for a blazer. However, if you’re a guy from the south, you might feel like pulling out the seersucker from storage, and if you do so, you aren’t going to consider anything silk. If that’s the case, enter Atlas & Mason and their pocket square.

This cotton pocket square is light and airy, and you can basically see through the loose weaving. This is great for the summer because you don’t want something silk getting sweaty, and you don’t want something heavy adding needless heat. Throw this bad boy in your seersucker jacket and you’re looking fly under the summer sky.

What are some of your favorite summer knick-knacks that you can’t get enough of this season? Give your suggestions in the comments.