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Crown Shaving Co After Shave Tonic

Anyone who has followed this website for a while now will know that I’m a fan of Crown Shaving Co. They are a good family-owned company in Canada that consistently puts out solid, no-nonsense shaving goods (their shaving cream is a personal favorite). What makes Crown Shaving Co. so great is that they use their own products in their own barber shop, and if it’s good enough for a barber like Dino, it’s good enough for you.

To start, the smell on this after shave tonic is just great. It has a deep manly smell of leather, rum, tobacco, and talc. No frilly citrus-herbal stuff here, it’s straight up leather. This doesn’t surprise me at all, because when you brand your products as being “for vagabonds, gentlemen & ruffians” it fulfills the expectation. What I like most about this aftershave is the smell is subtle and not likely to clash with any cologne you might feel like sporting.

It’s worth mentioning that the first (most prominent) ingredient in this aftershave is denatured alcohol. This means that this tonic will dry your skin up, especially if you have more sensitive skin. This is true for any denatured alcohol-based aftershaves. Crown Shaving Co. knows this, so they made a lotion you can use afterwards, or just use any sort of other moisturizer and you should be fine. Don’t expect to just splash on some tonic and go about your day–I imagine that will leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. Take care of your mug.

Overall, this after shave tonic is a great workhorse option for men who like the classic barbershop smell, or if you’re looking for a unique gift for your dad for this upcoming father’s day. A 4 ounce jar will run you $26 (it’s at the bottom), which is fairly reasonable, but if you’d like to get your hands on a bottle for free, check back in in the near future because we’re going to give one out to a lucky reader. Stay tuned for that.

Have you used the Crown Shaving Co. after shave tonic before? Do you have any questions about it? It all goes in the comments.