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Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial CleanserI’ve had pretty good luck with Anthony Logistics, and the Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser is no exception to this trend. Generally, when I’m testing out a sample, I give it a few uses (or as many as it takes to form a justified opinion) and then write a review. This is mostly because of the high volume of stuff that comes through. However, with this cleanser, I wound up using around half of the bottle and then realized, “Oh, I need to write a review about this.” It became such a natural part of my routine, I forgot that it was still under testing.

This fact speaks volumes to me, because it shows how versatile and useful this cleanser is. Often when I test something out, there’s a break in my normal routine–I need to try out some shaving cream that winds up being lame, or some hair product that doesn’t work. But from day 1 with this cleanser, it sort of took over as my workhorse face wash. If it happened to me, I’m sure it will happen to anyone who tries it.

What’s unique about this cleanser is it contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is known for its ability to repair skin; everything from age lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It’s also one of the key ingredients in chemical peels performed by dermatologists. However, it’s important to note that chemical peels have around 20-70% concentration of glycolic acid, and this has 4.9% concentration. That’s good because you don’t want to give yourself full-on chemical peels–leave that to the professionals. This has just enough glycolic acid to get the effects without the harsh effects of a chemical peel.

That said, you should probably not use this every day. Every two to three days is plenty, because you want to give your skin a chance to repair itself naturally. In the meantime, switch to something that’s more of a straight wash for the off days.

This cleanser is the real deal, and I love it. The downside is I think $17 is a bit high for 8 ounces (or $21 from the official retailer–but you know it’s not expired/fake), considering there are cheaper options out there for face washes. The upside is the high upfront cost is at least a good value over time, because this cleanser is really powerful and you won’t need to use that much each application. The quality is spot on, so you shouldn’t have any concerns there.

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