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Megan CashMegan Cash is a designer and fabricator from Savannah, Georgia, and she brings a lot of the southern charm to her work. Her website features a whole host of unique accessories for guys who want to stand out but stay subtle. Her best-selling items are the shotgun shell cuff links, which I tend to like (as a Southern guy). However, my favorite pieces are her old French metal and her seal/crest cuff links.

Megan Cash

The cuff links shown above are her Tower & Lion Crest cuff links. These bad boys are only $40, which is semi-reasonable for some handmade cuff links. What I like most about these is the small imperfections, nicks, and scratches that bring these to life as unique objects made with love, as opposed to something churned out in a factory.

The colors are subdued and aged, so you won’t have to worry about the blue and red standing out too much. These subtle touches are what I like most about Megan Cash’s work, and they’re consistent throughout the crest cuff links.

Megan Cash

The bow tie shown above is her Grey Anchors bow tie, and goes for $45. As I mention in the video review, I was pretty skeptical about a pre-tied adjustable bow tie. Mainly I was concerned if I would be able to untie it, or if it was a perpetual clip-on. Well, as I promised in the video, I untied it and it came apart into two halves. In order to re-tie it, you need to clip it together, and then you’ll have the normal shape of a one-piece bow tie, and you tie it normally from there.

I’m not sure why these bow ties come in two separate halves, as opposed to one piece (it seems easier to make one piece, no?). However, it’s functionally the same, and there’s nothing different about how it ties.

I love the anchor pattern on this, and the material is a kind of chambray, which is great for the spring. The color will match almost anything, and I can’t wait to get this guy into my tie rotation.

Below is a video review of both the cuff links and the bow tie so you can get a closer look at the two. If you liked this video, and you want to see more, consider subscribing to us on YouTube so you won’t miss out on any future videos.

What do you think of Megan Cash’s handmade wares? Do you have any questions about her work?