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Captain Morgan Perfect Getaway IntroSo here’s the deal: over the rest of the month, we’re going to be involved with an ongoing giveaway sponsored by the Captain Morgan Perfect Getaway series. Before you start groaning about ads coming back, let me explain why we’re doing this, what exactly it is we’re doing, and what we’d like you to do.

Why are we doing this?

You know that we like to keep advertising to a minimum, and we make all our money (which hardly covers operating costs) from our affiliate relationships. This means no annoying pop-ups, sidebar ads, or in-text photos. If we ever write a post that someone paid us to write, we’ll be sure to clearly tell you. This strategy limits our options, so we need to get creative. This is where the Captain Morgan Perfect Getaway series comes in.

What exactly are we doing?

We, along with 9 other websites chosen by Captain Morgan, are going to write a series of four total posts (three more after this one) which include a video. I’ll give you a clue each week, and with that clue you’ll watch the video and write the answer you think is right in the comments. After each week, Captain Morgan will add up all the right answers, and the winning website for that week will have a chance to give something away to its readers. We will also receive an extra item to keep for allowing this contest to take place on Electrogent.

Once this is all said and done, there will be some overall prizes–more on what that looks like if we’re in the running. But just know that from what I’ve heard it’s awesome.

What can you do?

We don’t ask a lot out of our readers–you don’t have to sign up to an email spam list to read our content, you don’t have to block our ads, and you don’t have to pay a single cent to get access to what we write. If you support Electrogent, we’re calling on you this month to watch these videos (they are actually pretty cool) and guess the answer to the clue I’ll provide. That’s it.

You enter in our contests with surprising numbers each time, and just consider this an entry into a competition by leaving a comment. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you’ll have a chance to win something awesome–for real.

This giveaway is over. Click here to see the winner.