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Harvey and Eddie are two 85 year old best friends who are clearly loving life. If you don’t smile when you watch this video, you’re wrong. These two guys, as far as we can tell from the video, are some of the most delightful people ever. Around the 3 minute mark, we see a woman I’m assuming is one of their wives, based on the unimpressed look on her face.

We know that teenage friendships among boys are extremely formative in the early years, and this topic gets a lot of sociological attention. However, I’d love to know what social scientists are saying about friendships between senior men. These two guys are as spunky and hilarious as a couple of 20-something guy friends, and I can’t think of a better way to spend your senior years.

It’s men like these 85 year old best friends who give me hope that as I age, my life can still retain its spark and enjoyment. It’s not always all about being a young go-hard. In fact, these guys look like they’re loving life a lot more than most teenagers I’ve met. They have a whole life of experience behind them, and what’s not to love about that?

How happy do these 85 year old best friends make you, on a scale from very happy to buried under a pile of kittens?