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Brooks Brothers New York Cologne

I’m not the type of guy who uses a ton of colognes, but I certainly find the value in having one type that I can call my “neutral” smell. This cologne from Brooks Brothers has remained my “neutral” for about a year and a half. The Brooks Brothers New York cologne is one that I picked up from the bargain bin at T.J. Maxx on a whim, and it was probably the best $10 I’ve spent on my grooming habits in quite some time.

When I opened the box the bottle is tiny, and the reservoir which holds the cologne is about half that size. “No wonder it was so cheap, there’s nothing in here!” I remarked. However, I really enjoyed the non-offensive smell (and so did Miss Electrogent) so I figured I’d give it a shot. Much to my surprise, the seemingly-small amount has lasted a really long time. I use one to two sprays a day, and I’m closing in on a year and a half…on the same bottle. Ridiculously long lasting.

The smell is sort of on the citrus side, and includes “bergamot, verbena, petit grain oil, mandarin, carnation, iris root, cumin, oak moss, vetiver and musk.” It doesn’t make you smell like flowers, more like someone who roots around in an herb garden all day and just ate an orange. Basically, it’s awesome and has the right amount of power behind it without making you smell fruity all day. The key word here is subtle, and that’s great for me.

My tip is to try and check your T. J. Maxx or similar discount store, as they usually have this around. It will certainly beat the $55 price tag from the official store (ouch) and it might beat the $22 cost from Amazon (worth it).

Have you used the Brooks Brothers New York Cologne? What are your thoughts? Put them in the comments below.