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argument_fallaciesBased on the recent popularity of the index of 50 rules for my future son, I thought it would be helpful to compose an index of the recently-finished “Argue Like a Man” series. This 8-part series focused on helping people improve your argument skills by understanding logical fallacies and techniques. I highlighted 24 of the most popular (or infamous) logical fallacies of argumentation in order to try to change the way you think about rhetoric and hopefully hone your oratory skills by demonstrating what not to do. The complete list follows below:

Part 1: Anecdotal, The Texas Sharpshooter, and Middle Ground

Part 2: Strawman, False Cause, and Emotional Appeal

Part 3: The Too-Powerful Fallacy, Slippery Slope, and Ad Hominem

Part 4: Tu Quoque, Personal Incredulity, and The Special Exception

Part 5: The Loaded Question, False Burden of Proof, and Argument by Ambiguity

Part 6: The Gambler’s Fallacy, The Bandwagon, and Appeal to Authority

Part 7: Composition and Division, No True Scotsman, and Fallacy of Origin

Part 8: False Dilemma, Begging the Question, and Appeal to Nature

What are some other ways you can improve your argument skills? Let’s improve in the comments below.