• SumoMe

The Hill-Side is a great company which sells American handmade wares. In an effort to showcase this, The Hill-Side traveled to rural Virginia to visit “Old Bob the Weaver,” the man behind their “modified herringbone” pattern.

As the video illustrates, Old Bob is truly an awesome guy who uses the same weaving method that people used about a hundred years ago. I love the oily and old machinery in this video, and the sounds are just divine. Bob weaves this pattern in his backyard, and exemplifies everything I love about the “made in America” stamp.

The Hill-Side is sold in some upscale boutique retailers (or at least the ones I saw in Texas), so if you want to get your hands on some of this great weave, you might have to pay a premium. For those of us who just like to look, enjoy the well-made video and let the beautiful machinery lull you to sleep.

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