• SumoMe

December marks the official beginning of the winter season, which means we’re going to have to ride this out until spring comes again. The December playlist features some of my favorite tracks for the season, and hopefully will give you a nice change of pace from the omnipresent Christmas songs which start up the day after Thanksgiving.

1. Hey Rosetta!: Carry Me Home

This track by Hey Rosetta! is a great thumping song with some of the traditional sleigh bell elements of December music, sans Rudolph. “Carry Me Home” is a great cabin party starter, and is the perfect way to start off this December playlist.

2. Plaid Dragon: Dog Physics

Fantastic: that’s really the only word here. The solo vocals are beautiful, and when the aura of sound hits you like an avalanche, you’ll feel reborn. This is a haunting dreamy track that I really love.

3. Wake Owl: Gold

Following in the footsteps of the prior song, Wake Owl continues the dreaminess in their own way, slowly building into a change of pace. “Gold” is a fantastic track, and sure to please almost anyone.

4. Mystery Pills: Anti-Pattern

Let’s pick up the pace and ride the wave of Mystery Pills’ track “Anti-Pattern” which seems like some bizarre offshoot of David Byrne. I’m loving the vibe of this song, and it’s great for dancing or lounging.

5. Widowspeak: Ballad of the Golden Hour

Time to close out this month’s playlist with a really great mix of all the great elements from this playlist: the dreamy, the dance-inducing, and the melodious vocals. Widowspeak’s work is a great song for some hot chocolate and a blanket, and it’s therefore the perfect December song.

What’s on your December playlist this month? Put your suggestions in the comments below.