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hairbond_distorterHairbond is a brand new product to the United States, as they just launched their line from the United Kingdom in America. They were nice enough to send over some of their Hairbond Distorter, and I’m certainly glad they did.

I’ve used a ridiculous array of hair products in the course of operating this website. However, as a preliminary matter, I can wholeheartedly say that Hairbond Distorter is in my top three favorites, if not the outright leader. This stuff is absolutely fantastic and of the highest quality.

To start, the smell is really great–it’s like an herby cream of some sort. It smells like food, which I don’t mind at all in hair products. The packaging is also pretty awesome, and the jar feels substantial and heavy.

The product itself has the consistency of a thick cream, like icing on a cake perhaps. It spreads evenly, and when used in your hair is virtually invisible. It also doesn’t leave your hair sticky at all like some other creamy hair products. What I like most about Hairbond Distorter is the fact that it stands up to pretty much anything. I gave it the 3-hour full court basketball test: pass. I let the 60 mph wind “play” with my hair for a few mintes: pass–it went back to normal with just my hand. I even laid down and watched a movie on my hair: pass–no change. It even washes out without any problems at all.

Hairbond has all the markings of soon becoming an American favorite because it does everything right. If you’re a guy looking for some no-nonsense hair product that will get the job done without giving you rock-hard or sticky hair, Hairbond Distorter is the way to go. I recommend this without reservation.

Do you have any questions about Hairbond Distorter specifically or the new line in general? Ask in the comments below.