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trophyWell, 2012 is almost over, and we here at Electrogent had a pretty good year. Great companies continue to spoil us by sending us samples of their fantastic products, articles continue to gain popularity, and lots of fun things happen on the website. Therefore, it’s only appropriate to have a first annual Electrogent best of 2012 list which showcases the best of all the Electrogent shenanigans.

Best Shaving Cream: Crown Shaving Co.

Crown Shaving Company’s Shave Cream came to us through a cold email from co-founder Dino, asking if he could send over some shaving cream for me to try. Always open to trying something new, I said, “Sure!” and Dino set the bar after that. I continue to compare all shaving creams to Crown Shaving because it’s such a solid choice. I feel good about endorsing family-owned and operated Crown Shaving Co. for the best shaving cream of 2012.

Best Hair Styling Product: Hairbond

Hairbond’s Distorter was a late entry, but it blew me away. Scott, Hairbond’s founder, emailed me and sent me over a couple jars of Hairbond for reviewing. This stuff is absolutely fantastic, and it is just now breaking into the American market for sale. I hope it catches on, because America really needs this quality hair product on the shelves for easy access. I can’t speak highly enough about Hairbond.

Most Popular Post: DE/Cartridge Razor Cost Analysis

This post about the cost differences between a double edge and cartridge razor was just another post–or so I thought. It went semi-viral on the Wicked Edge shaving subreddit, and within 24 hours the post racked up 3,500 unique readers. I woke up the next morning to routinely check the traffic and to my surprise the post blew up. I’m glad that it was so popular, because it was one of my favorite posts of the year.

Best Playlist: November 2012

Not only is November the best month, it was this year’s best playlist. Not only did it draw the most traffic, it was also also some of the best songs of the year (at least in my opinion). I really enjoy making those playlists, and I’m glad that November’s was so well-received.

Best Editorial: Style Girlfriend Doesn’t Care About Your Watch

As much as I’d like it if you did, you shouldn’t only read Electrogent. There are a ton of other great bloggers out there with things to say. This year, I think the best editorial was by Megan over at Style Girlfriend, when she explained why she doesn’t care about your watch. I’m the type of guy who likes to dress nice, or at least like an adult, but I’ve never really been into the high-fashion uber-luxe lifestyle–even if I could theoretically afford it. It was reassuring to hear from the other gender that blowing money on conspicuous purchases aren’t worth it. Spend it on your family, instead.

Best Podcast: George Hahn’s “Endangered Sense of Occasion”

In addition to reading blogs, I also like to browse podcasts as another form of spreading a message. I was lucky enough to come across George Hahn’s podcast about the “endangered sense of occasion.” This was my first introduction to George, who turned out to be a really nice guy. His podcast touches on many facets of society and manliness that we both think should change, and it’s worth listening to–twice.

Honorable Mentions

To close out the best of 2012, there are some great companies and people out there doing great things. For instance, Dreadnought is re-branding their Bluebeard’s Revenge brand for the U.S.; Taun continues to innovate in the male anti-aging field; Brett from the Art of Manliness continues to rule as usual; The Motley is expanding to a brick and mortar store; and the guys from Gentlemint succeeded in creating a collection of stuff men like.

It was a great year, and looking back on all the stories from 2012, I am reminded of all the good times I had writing them. I’d also like to thank you, the reader, for voting in the silly polls, entering our giveaways, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and just being awesome overall. Maria and I wish you a happy new year, and hope your 2013 is even better than 2012.

What is on your best of 2012 list? Share your favorite stuff from the year in the comments below.