• SumoMe

Beach House


Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House has a very dreamy feel in this debut track from their new album, “Bloom.” Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with this band as I am with the blues musicians that I usually feature on the Tuesdays Tunesday segments.

However, this band has a great sound to them, and in the interest of trying to provide a wider range in these (almost) weekly segments, I thought this would be a great option.

Beach House was formed in 2004, and they’ve released a whole slew of albums since then. They also have a slew of great singles, but from what I’ve heard, I like “Myth” the best. The album, “Bloom” apparently reached #7 in the U.S. and #15 in the U.K., which is their most successful showing, officially making them “not cool” within the hipster crowd. Have a listen to “Myth” and maybe burn a candle or something.