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Wool TiesThe weather is starting to turn colder, which means the sweaters, jackets, and scarves are coming out of storage. However, think twice before you unload all your scarves from the dusty box in the attic, there might be a better option out there for you: wool ties.

Sure, scarves serve a purpose that ties don’t in that they can cover your bare neck. However, if the temperature is just a bit nippy outside and not a full-on snowstorm, consider sporting a wool tie. Not only will it keep your neck warm, but it will keep you looking sharp in the winter months, rather than like a huge mass of cloth. Pair your nice wool ties with a nice black pea coat (or something more adventuresome) and you are staying warm while looking sharp.

Wool ties, at least down here in Texas, are far too hot to wear during the summer. However, during the winter they are great, and unlike silk ties they won’t get really cold to the touch. Silk ties are fine if you need to be somewhere super formal, like court, but if you’re just having a casual and normal chilly day, stick with wool ties.

If you’re looking for some great cheap options, check your local thrift store. Wool ties seem to have a way of proliferating in thrift stores, and will usually sell for super cheap (I can pick them up for literally a quarter around here).

A good general rule that works for me, is: if you need gloves, you need a scarf (and perhaps also a wool tie). If your hands are bare, but it’s still cold out, just use a tie.

Do wool ties help you in the colder (but not frigid) months like November? Let’s stay warm in the comments below.