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I’m going to lay out a general rule: sharing is manly. In general, sharing money, food, clothing, time, jokes, and whatnot is manly–especially when you’re doing something like helping the poor. However, as with most things in life, there are limits and exceptions to the general rule. The exception up for debate is dudes sharing food with a guy, when life and death are not on the line.

The argument for manly: Food is a basic life necessity. Sharing basic life necessities is manly. It shows you’re willing to help out your fellow human(s), which is definitely manly. The main concern on the other side of the coin is whether the food is easily shared. If the food can break down into pieces or parts (think pizza, french fries, slices of apple, etc.) then sharing the food is no big deal. Additionally, if you’re out camping and you find a squirrel to eat, what is manlier than cutting that bad boy in half and giving the other part to your fellow dude? Sharing food with another guy is not even a big deal. So what if they want to eat some of your salad or french fries? The point is that if you have enough to share, you should at least consider it. Sharing food is not manly in so few instances, we can properly rule this activity is manly.

The argument for not manly: Yeah, sure, if you want to go all Daniel Boone and start cutting animals up in the wild and sharing them, that’s for sure manly. However, the concern here is when life and death are not on the line. Sharing food is not manly when it can’t get easily divided up. I think we can all agree that sharing an ice cream cone with another dude is pretty squarely not manly. I mean…come on. Even if the food is easily divided, like french fries, it is pretty questionable. Yeah, it’s good to share food, but if you’re in a place where you can get some hot french fries, it’s pretty likely they can get their own. Additionally, this only applies to guys. Sharing food with your wife/girlfriend is not only inevitably going to happen as soon as they see that you have something delicious to eat, but you aren’t married to/dating your guy friends. Sharing food with another guy is not manly in so many situations that we should rule it not manly in general.

What do you think? Is sharing food with a guy manly or not manly, when life and death are not on the line?

Manly or Not Manly: Sharing Food

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