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Dreadnought Post Shave BalmI’ve already had the pleasure of reviewing Dreadnought’s shaving cream, as well as interviewing their marketing manager, Justin. Now, I come full circle and review the Dreadnought Post Shave Balm. I really like their shaving cream, and I still use it sometimes (when I don’t have other shaving creams to review…I’m so spoiled). Needless to say, I was excited to try their other mainstay product.

The first thing I noticed, as you can see by the photo, is how clear it is. Most other balms I’ve used are white and opaque, which isn’t really a huge deal so long as it works, right? I tend to like the translucent quality because it feels lighter–maybe its a mental thing. The smell is also pretty great, and is very similar (probably identical) to their shaving cream. This is a good quality to have in a line, because you don’t want to mix lots of smells up and get something terrible smelling. That said, it’s not overly perfumed, which is also good because products with lots of perfume in it will wreck your skin.

I used just a little dab of this stuff a few times after I shaved, because I’m a firm believer in the “little goes a long way” saying with skincare. However, that’s really all you need with the Dreadnought Post Shave Balm, because it covers well. So don’t go too nuts with it.

The main difference between post shave balms and aftershaves is that balms also moisturize. I’m not a huge fan of aftershaves in general (except for the ones from Rocky Mountain Shaving Co.) because I don’t like to pile on the aftershave and then a moisturizer. I never get razor burn, so aftershave really doesn’t do much for me. The dual-action of the moisturizing and post shave skin repair from the Dreadnought Post Shave Balm is really what I look for. The stuff contains aloe, so you’ll feel a cooling action on there.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the Dreadnought Post Shave Balm, and I think it is one of the better products out there in its class. I think it beats what I was using before, and that says a lot because I swear by my staples. You can get more information by checking out Dreadnought’s website.

Have you used the Dreadnought Post Shave Balm before? Do you have any questions about post shave balms in general, or this one specifically? It all goes on the comments below.