• SumoMe

Baxter Hard Water PomadeBaxter! What happened here? After my introduction to the Baxter line via the greatness of the Clay Pomade, I was truly pumped about this stuff. However, when I used the Baxter Hard Water Pomade, it was a serious disappointment on almost every level imaginable. Think back to the 1990’s. Remember that L.A. Looks stuff we used to glob on our hair? Does that vision ring any bells now? Perhaps after looking at that image above? Honestly, this pomade brought up repressed grooming nightmares from my pre-teen years.

I’m usually wary of “firm hold” products unless they are well done. Mostly, I just hate the feel of it, and my hair is too long to want any sort of “sculpting” as they say in the biz. As such, I started small with this stuff, and used a conservative amount. It literally did absolutely nothing but turn my hair into a shiny mirror. So, against my better judgment, I thought, “Let’s try some more.” Second helping led to the same result. Eventually I applied pomade three times before it had any effect whatsoever, and even then it was hardly “firm,” and in fact was so limp there was no effect at all, save for making my hair sticky.

Later that day, I did the obligatory “sweat test,” which I give all hair products (which consists of 2-3 hours of full court basketball). I’ve never had a product fail the sweat test so badly as this. Not only was it running into my eye and prohibiting my Larry Bird-ness, it was coloring my sweat like a Gatorade commercial. I’m not cool with that. I don’t even think I need to mention that the hold was non-existent at this point, and while I don’t care to look like a runway model during full court basketball, having my hair in control is one less distraction.

But I don’t give up that easily. I decided to give it a second try. This time I used one large application of pomade, and achieved the same result as the first day. I didn’t play basketball that day, and by 3:00 in the afternoon the pomade was almost totally worn out.

Honestly, I’m sure there’s some use out there for the Baxter Hard Water Pomade. However, it wasn’t found in my universe. This is a total pass, and not worth the effort or money.

What do you think of the Baxter Hard Water Pomade? Did you find a use for it? Convince me otherwise in the comments below.