• SumoMe

Included in Brooklyn Grooming‘s shipment of awesomeness was a sample of their Commando Old School Pomade. This pomade has mineral rich oils that help stimulate growth while keeping your hair looking good. I can’t attest to the first part, since the sample didn’t have enough product to test the hair growth part, but I can speak to the styling ability.

This pomade is very much like a candle. It feels like a candle, it looks like a candle, and it tastes like a candle (just kidding, I didn’t taste it…or a candle). It doesn’t have a smell, or at least a strong smell, which is good for many of us who like to maintain consistencies in our body scent, rather than have a mix of smells wafting around.

The first time I tried to use it, the pomade was hard as a rock. I had issues trying to scoop some out, but I used the knuckle on my finger to break open the hard outside and it revealed a soft and waxy interior. It was much easier to use once I got through the top.

To describe the pomade in a word: light. The hold is light, the weight is light, the shine is light. This pomade is great for guys who like subtlety in their hair. It doesn’t turn your hair into a rock, and it doesn’t turn it into a mirror. You can’t feel it at all after application, which is very unique and a benefit in my opinion. It also does a good job at showing texture in hair, probably because its hold is so light. This makes your hair look more like actual hair, and less like this guy.

This is one of the better light-hold, fragrance free pomades that I’ve come across, and is definitely my favorite product from the Brooklyn Grooming line–by far. It runs a bit on the pricey side, but you should get a lot of great use of out a jar because you need to use such a small amount at a time. Another good selection from Brooklyn Grooming.

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