• SumoMe

In a very Wes Anderson style film, he stays true to his quirks and continues to please audiences with his first film since 2009. “Moonrise Kingdom” features the relationship between two 12 year old kids–a quick to anger girl with a violent side, and her easygoing survivalist boyfriend. The usual cast of collaborators show up in this film: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Mothersbaugh, and others. The movie, as usual, is filled with extremely dry humor and creative camerawork that show off Anderson’s continued creativity throughout the years.

Overall, this film is extremely enjoyable. The color palette featured in the picture above continue throughout the film, mostly because of the recurring “khaki scout” theme. Additionally, as mentioned before, the camerawork is superb and creates some intriguing compositions. Anderson’s tendency to have some sort of narration continues with what a guy who looks like a Steve Zissou reject who films a documentary about the weather on the island.

All the elements that make Wes Anderson films great are alive and well in “Moonrise Kingdom,” and for that reason I’m confident that any fan of his past works will like this one. If you like dry comedy, quirky characters, and love stories, this movie is for you.


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