• SumoMe

Continuing with the march through the Lock Stock & Barrel line, I used their Reconstruct shampoo which is advertised for fine, thinning, and/or weak hair–a common problem with men. Basically the shampoo consists of a blend of various proteins that help strengthen and add volume to your hair (so you may not need to use as much of this).

The shampoo is really thick, compared to some other products out there. I think this is a good thing because it lathers up quickly and feels substantial when its in your hair. Additionally, the smell is very similar to the smell of the other products in the line, which is great for the guys who use their whole line–you won’t have a weird mixture of smells coming off your head.

For me, the main test of a shampoo’s effectiveness (as far as cleaning goes) is how well it interacts with the brand’s styling products. I shower at night, which means that every time I shower I go in with styling product in my hair. For the past few weeks this shampoo has gone up against LSB’s matte clay which is one of the strongest-holding products on the line.

In order to gain some comparison, I tried to wash out the matte clay with an unnamed brand’s shampoo. It was decent, I mean the clay isn’t cement so pretty much any competent shampoo can get it out. However, the Reconstruct shampoo was noticeably better than the other shampoo on the following day. It really did a nice job of clearing out the line’s stronger product without any tugging and pulling like the other shampoo.

However, the real difference comes after the shower. Compared to the other shampoo I tested it against, the Reconstruct shampoo’s protein formula does a really great job at keeping hair from falling out on my pillow and giving my base undone hair more volume, which ultimately means when I do my hair it winds up looking better with smaller amounts of stuff because I’m not so reliant on active product to do my hair–the shampoo did a lot of the work beforehand.

The Reconstruct shampoo is really great for pretty much any guy out there–whether you have hair loss, weak hair, or just want a solid shampoo in general, LSB has you covered. The only reason to use something else is if you want a strong-smelling shampoo, or you want some sort of herbal/minty treatment. Head over to The Motley if you’re interested in picking up a bottle for yourself.

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