• SumoMe

J.R. Liggett’s, the purveyor of the one and only bar shampoo, also have an equally-interesting body wash. For years now I’ve done away with the bar of soap for washing my body. I never feel as clean with bar soaps compared to foaming soaps, and I also think the foaming soaps wash off better. Knowing that, I was excited to try out J.R. Liggett’s foaming body soap, since I enjoyed their bar shampoo so much.

Still as environmentally-friendly as you can get. You can learn more about it here.

The first thing I noticed, right off the bat, was its unique bottle style. Usually, foaming soaps come out of a hole, like a squeeze bottle, and then foam as you lather up. For this product, you push down on the top like a hand soap dispenser, and the soap comes out foamy, very much the same principle behind foaming hand soaps. I have never seen this before for body soaps, so it was surprising.

I put some in my hand, and the smell was great. It wasn’t overly strong (that’s how you can tell when something’s full of skin-damaging chemicals), but it had a dense scent of pine trees or rosemary– something in that area. They have all kinds of natural scents, and I only used “Western Slope,” but I imagine all the others are just as good. J.R. Liggett’s consistently does a nice job with his natural, realistic, not overly-produced scents.

Next came the real test–application. I used it just like any other soap (duh), and it really did a nice job of washing clean and not leaving that slimy residue that some (bad) soaps have a tendency of doing. I tested it on heavy dirt (literally rubbed dirt in my leg hairs) and sweat, and it does a good job at cleaning off both.

My only complaint with the soap is that it washes off too well. What I mean is that when I used it I consistently had to pump soap into my hand or loofah while I washed. However, that’s a minor complaint, and I don’t think it overshadows the benefits.

Overall this is a great soap for guys who don’t want to smell like a wedding cake but still want to get clean. It’s also guilt-free for the environmentally-conscious. Stay tuned, because I have a bottle (of a different scent) to give away…

So what do you want to know about the foaming soap? Have you used it before? What are your opinions? It all goes in the comments below.