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Dr. John

“Kingdom of Izzness”

Dr. John is a New Orleans born and bred musician with a focus on bluesy zydeco boogie woogie in a style all his own–like Tom Waits met Captain Beefheart and the Temptations in a Louisiana swamp and had a voodoo curse placed on him.

Dr. John rose to prominence in the 70’s, where he started playing the same sort of tunes he played his entire career. Just last week, he released an album with Dan Auerbach, the guitarist for The Black Keys (which is where the featured song comes from). The Los Angeles times said the album showed Dr. John “exiting a period of relative creative stagnation by creating something magical, the embodiment of everything he’s done but pushed in a clear new direction.”

Dr. John has slowed down in his older age, but has still released close to 30 albums in his lifetime–enough to get him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.