• SumoMe

Okay, so far we’ve scrubbed, washed, shaved, and undergone nighttime therapy. At this point, thanks to urth skin solutions for men, your face is pretty much rocking along. However, there’s one final step in the process that will help polish off the perfection: the balm. Let’s go ahead and move past the Jackie Chiles reference–just putting that out there.

Despite what Jackie says, we know what this balm is going to do–moisturize like nobody’s business. Urth’s hydra therapy product will moisturize as well, but this is more of a daytime product because it will take longer to fully absorb into your skin. However, that does not mean that your skin will be oily all day.

If you’re a regular reader of these reviews, you’ll know that I have very oily skin. For this reason, I usually stay away from moisturizers or else my face will reflect light like a mirror. However, because I’ve kept my oils under control with the urth scrub and wash, this balm perfectly soothes my skin and takes over the job of the pore-clogging oils.

Think of this balm as car wax. Sure, you can get your car washed and it will look great. However, if you wax your car’s paint, the fresh and clean look will last much longer than washing alone. That’s what the balm does–it keeps your freshly-washed and scrubbed face looking clean for longer. If you use this balm daily after shaving or cleansing, you’ll hydrate, detoxify, and protect your skin from all the nasties that find their way into your pores.

I highly recommend this balm, and it’s so thick that a single bottle will last you for a really long time. Read more about the urth face balm here.

Urth Skincare Face Balm is available from the fine retailers at The Motley.