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Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones sells bow ties for charity. Photo: LIVESTRONG.

I received a tip from a reader and friend former that NFL linebacker turned philanthropist Dhani Jones now occupies his time selling bow ties to raise money for charities. Each bow tie represents a different charity, giving buyers a wide range of design and cause options. His website, bowtiecause.org, gives a brief synopsis of this change from the NFL to bow ties:

In 2000, Dhani Jones was a rookie linebacker with the New York Giants and it was his first time living in the big city.  His good friend Kunta Littlejohn had some advice for him and said, “If you want to be anybody, you gotta rock a Bow Tie.”  Dhani thought he was crazy and dismissed it.

At the time, Kunta was going through a tough recovery process from battling Lymphoma and Dhani was searching for an avenue to support his friend.  As clarity begets action, Dhani made the decision to don his first Bow Tie in quiet support for his good friend Kunta.  Today, Kunta has fully recovered and Dhani never stopped rockin’ the Bow Tie.

Through the Bow Tie Cause, Dhani now provides others with an avenue to support a cause they believe in.  What began as a way to support his friend has become his main avenue to support others and their cause. (Bow Tie Cause).

Some personal favorites that he offers are the St. Vincent de Paul bow tie and the Cincinnati Public Radio bow tie. What I love most about this is that his bow ties raise money for smaller causes as well as the more well-known causes like Livestrong and the Ronald McDonald House.

If you’re in the market for a new bow tie, take a look at these bow ties. They cost about as much as a Brook Brothers bow tie and go to children and families in need.