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Bob Dylan

“It Must be Santa”

Given that last week’s Tuesday Tunesday covered Bob Dylan and that this is the last Tuesday before Christmas, I thought this song aptly fit the time.

I’ll admit, before I started this article, I had a lot of trouble thinking about what to include in it. In fact, I still sort of do. I’m at a loss of words when trying to describe the life and work of Bob Dylan.

Not only was he massively successful in the music (and social) world, he essentially paved the way for his folk rock style in American pop culture. Others, like Donovan, tried to do the same thing but ultimately played second fiddle to Dylan.

Dylan, known mostly for his gruff singing voice that people either hate to love or love to hate, created his own genre by bringing old folk songs back into the spotlight while creating many songs of his own.

I was lucky to see him live a few years ago, and while he doesn’t play the guitar much any more (he seems to favor the piano at this point), I still felt like I was in the presence of greatness. He is admittedly conceited, but I would probably be the same if I were him. As I feel no history of Dylan is necessary, given the voluminous amounts of articles and literature on him, I submit this holiday song merely for your playful enjoyment. Break out the tacky Christmas sweaters and turn up the tunes.