• SumoMe

The Black Keys

“Lonely Boy”

Dedicated to reviving the blues within modern music, American duo The Black Keys fights for their right to play the blues. As a long-time purist of real blues played by people who know unimaginable pain, I have a soft spot in my heart for The Black Keys, and I’m not the only one. Junior Kimbrough’s wife told them that they play his music just like he played, when they made an album “Chulahoma” dedicated to Kimbrough’s music.

The Black Keys know where their sound comes from, but few outside the duo know where it will go. This band is by far one of the most innovative bands out there who can still maintain their distinctive sound. The two often utilize almost-operatic chorus lines distorted by classic microphones and pure natural gristly voices. The Black Keys are far and away my favorite modern blues band still making music. The sampled song is one of their newest songs off their upcoming album, and while it is not my favorite song of theirs, I think it is a good introduction to their sound for those who have not experienced it yet. Happy listening.